Accesscity ( accessibility app)

Are we aware how difficult is to travel within a busy city for a person with reduced mobility? Accesscity is an app that traces all the accessible routes . It also has a leisure catalogue with places to visit adapted for people with physical disabilities. According to the UX research for this project some of the most common pain points are when they go to places with non adapted W.C. and lack of ramps. People also mentioned that subways with elevators usually work fine but sometimes they broken and there is no way to know that in advance. In order to solve problem I designed report system for incidents. Were users can report particular issues on the way such as broken elevators and street bumps.

ABC Groceries eCommerce

ABC groceries is a neighborhood supermarket that wants to bring the real shopping experience to their online platform.

The main challenge was to bring back the trust to the online shoppers that wants fresh and quality products.

The main features of this web page are the online chat assistance and the customization input of certain products such as meat cut and fruit maturity selection.


Everest - Productivity App

In this information overload era we hardly focus on what we want to accomplish and is easy to give away our goals and wishes.

On the UX research I found that most people get distracted while trying to accomplish a task, so I decided to design a mobile app to address this issue.

Everest app is inspired by the classic TO-DO list. So a user can entry a task, assign a category and keep track of is status. The idea that once you set a task as “In progress” you have the option to block all your mobile distractions with the “Focus Mode” feature. With this feature you can also track your completion times and challenge your self beating up your own records.